NES & SVB Group

55 institutions. 43,500 students.

The National Education Society (NES) founded in 1963, along with Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan (SVB) founded in 1983, today stands tall with 55 constituent institutions imparting quality education to 43500 students. Our students include pre-school, graduates and post graduates, including Ph D’s in various professional areas and conventional disciplines.

Our students with the president APJ Abdul Kalam after their visit to the Indo-Pak Border.

As Varadarajan securing the British Quality Mark Award.

The Vice President of India, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, handling over the award for excellence in education.

Dr Varadarajan securing the Netaji Subhashchandra Bose memorial award.

As Varadarajan holding the Indian Merchants Chamber Award.

Our inspiration

Innovate, invoke and propagate modern teaching and administrative methods. Weave this philosophy into every thread of the NES and SVB education fabric.

Since the time we started in 1963, all institutions have been achieving 100% results and producing merit rankers at the State Board (so long as it existed) and University examinations.

The NES National Centre for Research & Development in Education, Science & Technology is yet another unique non-government venture, started in 1993, committed to research and development in Education, Science and Technology, the only one of its kind in the country.

This progressive attitude has bestowed upon the NES numerous National Awards and recognitions. Commemorating the society's 30 years of nation building task through education, a special postal stamp was released on the 5th of September 1994 by the government of India, and in the same year, the founder president of NES - Dr R Varadarajan, Founder of NES & SVB, was conferred with the BEST TEACHER AWARD by the then Hon’ble President of India, Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma.

In 1997, the Founder of NES Dr. R. Varadarajan was awarded “Outstanding Educationist in India” in the Netaji Centenary Celebration at the hands of Dr. Anita Bose Pfaff, daughter of Netaji’.

On 14th, April, 2002, all the institutions under the NES & SVB banner, received the ISO 9001:2000 certification for maintaining world class standards in education. This was then the first of its kind for any educational institution in the state of Maharashtra.

The 'A' grade awarded to NES Ratnam College by NAAC, UGC & the grade awarded to SVB's College of Pharmacy emerged as the best college in Maharashtra, only to re-affirm the quality objectives of the institution. Following, this, the Municipal authorities named a street in Bhandup after the college name.

In the year 2007, the IMC’s Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality award was bagged by NES, being declared best in India in Education Sector.

In the World arena too, Dr R. Varadarajan's stupendous contribution was recognised by the British Institute for Learning and Development. He was awarded a ‘British Fellowship’. In 2009, all NES –SVB institutions were awarded the British Quality Mark with British Corporate Membership. Dr R. Varadarajan's contribution was highly recognised by the British Parliament at the House of Commons UK in 2011.

Thus, the National Education Society and Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan group of institutions have been constantly pioneering in the field of education by setting landmarks and creating records, year after year.

7 students in 1963. 43,500 today.

Dr R Varadarajan, a visionary who always thought ahead of his times, started his educational mission with 7 tiny tots in 1963. He has since then continued to steward the cause of education as Principal of schools and President of Colleges, that he established.

Today 43,500 students from 55 institutions benefit from the educational societies and trusts founded by Dr Varadarajan.

The Government of Maharashtra has honoured Dr Varadarajan with a very special 4 years extension of service for his yeoman contribution to education. 



  • NES Sunbeam School
  • NES National School
  • NES High School
  • NES Jr College of Arts, Science and Commerce
  • NES Vocational Jr College
  • NES Ratnam Jr College of Science
  • NES Ratnam College of Arts, Science and commerce
  • NES Ratnam Post Graduate Centre and Management Institute
  • NES Institute for Teachers' Training in Early Childhood Care and Education
  • NES Hearing Impaired School (Deaf School)
  • NES Staff Training College. 

Saraswathi Vidya Bhavan, founded by Dr Varadarajan, conducts the following institutions in Mumbai and neighbouring Districts.Bhandup

  • SVB Oxford School
  • SVB IT Centre 


  • SVB College of Pharmacy for B.Pharm, M.Pharm and Ph D
  • SVB Saraswathi College of Education & Research
  • SVB Sankara Vidyalaya
  • SVB National Public School (ICSE)
  • SVB Sankara Sports School 


  • SVB UMT High School [Slum School]
  • SVB Technical Training Institute


  • NES National School in association with BMC. 


At Dawdi Education Complex

  • SVB Institute of Management Studies
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Computer Technology & Architecture
  • Institute for Hospitality Management

To be housed in a Govt. Approved private university

  • National University [self-financed] at Dombivili
  • Central Institute of Technology in collaboration with Western Australian Government for 450 Vocational Courses, at Dombivili.
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parent reflections

Ananyaa is very excited about the current uoi topic air. As soon as she came home she explained the entire experiment of candle and jar. I thank you for making learning so much fun for Ananyaa and developing the qualities of a thinker in her with such experiments.
Thanks a lot!

Parent of Ananyaa Aggarwal, Grade 1A

Indeed the sports day this year was equally exciting as it has been since past two years .

Meticulously planned , perfect time management and efforts of the teachers and PE team were the main commendable aspects of this sports day .

Congratulations to the entire team NES for yet another successful event for the year 17-18. Looking forward for more innovative races in the forthcoming sports day.

Mother of Hannah Dhulla, Grade 1A

Nafees has shown a lot of understanding and confidence about the UOI Houses. He has started explaining the types of houses that are there according to the weather of the places we live in. He really had fun and showed interest while practicing making the stilt house at home for the summative assessment and a little more about stilt house to explain it in class.

Jamil and Abida Ansari (Father and Mother of Nafees Ansari, Grade 1D)

Ishaan has been enjoying school. He has been singing the ‘Healthy and junk food’ song that they have learned in school. He thoroughly enjoyed the spelling bee conducted by Principal sir last week. He loves the space videos that they watch during break times. He has explained how Pluto’s orbit crosses into Neptune’s, how the atmosphere scatters the sun’s rays during sunset and sunrise to make the sky look red

Mother of Ishaan, Grade 1C

I am grateful for all the wonderful things the school and Tanvi Teacher are doing for our son Noel. He is growing extremely intellectual and physically active by the day. We loved both the grammar fest and sports day arrangements. Lot of trouble was taken. The school and his teacher have been working very hard to make him good, better and eventually best.

Mother of Noel Verdes, Foundation B

I am happy to see how Shiven has been taught the UOI ‘Rainforest’ and ‘Needs and Wants’. He understood it very well that he came home and explained the same to us. I like how he is interested in his studies and he comes home and shares the same. Once again thank you to the homeroom teacher and NESISM School for putting in so much effort towards our child.

Parent of Shiven Chimnani, Foundation B

The progress and development of Dishita has always been overwhelming. I have always had good results from her. Thanks to the homeroom teacher who has taken care of her not only in her studies but also her behavior and habits. Great thanks to the NESISM team.

Parent of Dishita Mamgain, Foundation B

My daughter has shown positive development thanks to the training and learning she is receiving at school. She is willing to help people, she even helps me and her father in our everyday activites. It is amazing to see how she is practically applying her learnings from school in her daily life. We are quite happy with her conduct and would like to sincerely thank her teachers and the entire management.

Mother of Urja Kothari

Myra by now has completely accustomed and adjusted to the routine and culture of NESISM. I am very delighted to notice that she has taken the least time to adjust in the school. She speaks with a lot of pride about her school in front of the family. We are looking forward to learn and grow together.

Parent of Myra Kabadi, Foundation B

Improvement in Parini’s confidence is reflected at home. She has started opening up and mingling with others. She tries to read different words and enjoys the same. She has evolved as a good sports person. She discusses a lot about the topics taught to her in school.

Parent of Parini Shah, Foundation B